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These are lengthy strenous rides which will include some tough long climbs

Typical distance for these rides will be anything from 35 to 70+ miles and take several hours

A good level of fitness required for these rides



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Rides in this grade will cover distances from 15 to 45 miles, the shorter rides will have some hills

the longer rides in this section will generally be mainly flat with some rolling hills

A decent level of fitness will get you around all of the rides in this grade



Bus Stop Bikers Level C.png


Rides in this grade range from 10 to 20 miles. These are mainly aimed at the rider who is looking to

go that little step further. Ideal evening family rides, with one or two steady climbs nothing to strenous

mainly road riding but support offered all the way for the less confident

An average level of fitness will be sufficient for these rides



Bus Stop Bikers Level D.png


Rides in this grade are a maximum of 14 miles and can be a mix of road/track/canal path rides. Perfect

starter family rides these will be at a very sedate pace and aimed at getting people out

Just a basic ability to ride for an hour or so is enough to join on these rides



Bus Stop Bikers Level E.png


Rides in this grade are our shortest rides, 5 mile maximum and will either be road or path riding. Our aim

this year is to attract more families and newer riders out joining us, this is an ideal place to begin

If you can ride your bike for half hour or so, your more than capable of joining us


All the grades done - what are you waiting for

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