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So, we've all heard some of the horror stories of accidents happening. A fall off your prized and beloved bike could often be only the tip of a rather unlpeasant ice-berg.

In todays age of litigation and blame culture that we now live in, it makes sense to take out some cover prior to anything happening.

Both of the big cycling bodies British Cycling & CTC and many others offer 3rd party public liability insurance, covering the cyclist while out & about on your bike.

british cycling logo                                       CTC

Below is an example of the benefits on offer from British Cycling, all offered for a price of just over £2 per month £32 a year with a reduction for family membership. The CTC offer something very similar to this with a family of 4 membership costing £66 per year, but they also offer 6 cycle magazines per year, access to CTC tours and a host of other benefits.

Ride Membership Benefits

For just £33 a year (that's just over £2 a month) you will enjoy:

All in all I think you would agree that it makes sense for us all to be covered should the worst happen on any of our outings, the least we can have is peace of mind knowing that a professional organisation will take on your case should a lawsuit come your way.


British Cycling or Cycle Touring Club, whichever you choose, do the right thing and choose one

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