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Family cycling can be fun, with a little effort & encouragement


Nothing gives me more pleasure than being out on a warm summers day cycling with the family.

Above are kids who are enjoying riding their bikes. The health benefits we all get are well worth the effort we put in to get to were we are now. It's not been easy but with a little effort and encouragement, you would be amazed at just how resilient young children are. Even more than the health benefits, joining a group similar to ours, you get to explore some of Lancashires most beautiful quiet lanes offering some fantastic views, fresh air, exercise and lots more.

It's not easy, but if you're interested in getting the family out and about, we're very interested in supporting you. Below are just 2 tips that I would give any budding family cyclists, the most important being, make it short and fun from the start. Have a read and if there's anything I can help with please just email and I will answer any question I can, if I can't I'm certain we will find an answer for you. 

Make it fun and short to start with, cycle to the park and back, if it’s warm take a picnic. As they get a little stronger, make the trips a little longer but take it steady, and don’t forget that tea & cake stop, energy is very important and they will love the chocolate cake, even forgetting all tiredness. The key is short trips and plenty of them, remember the first time when you got on a bike after a lengthy lay off? it's no easier for kids so go easy on them and remember a mile to us can seem an awful lot more to them.

Let the kids decide, some of my daughters favourite rides are ones we’ve let her lead. We just allow her to set off and basically play follow my leader, sometimes we don’t get much further than a mile or two away from our front door but our daughter gets an immense sense of achievement in leading her ride exactly where she wants to go, regardless of whether she knows herself where she wants to go. Road safety always has to be our main priority, so without her realising we gently guide her if it's somewhere we don't want to go for safety.

So, come along and and give us a try, once you've made a start the rest becomes steadily easier, trust me.  


Bus stop Bikers strongly recommend the use of helmets, under 16's on our rides it's compulsory. No helmet - No ride 


bikes + kids + heads + no helmet = a scary combination  



Let's look after them, a helmet makes sense 




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