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TOPIC: submitting a ride

submitting a ride 3 years 1 month ago #3245

One of the things which we all want to encourage is that people can put their own rides onto the calendar. If you find that you have some free time, if the weather forecast is looking good, if there’s somewhere you would like to take us (within reason), then feel free to add a ride and invite other bus stop bikers along.

Warren has put together a simple enough form to submit a ride onto the calendar. People have started using this but if you are a bit shy over it these notes are to help you through it.
  • 1. Make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in, there will be a message on the right hand side of the home page to say “Hi name”, if you are not logged in, there will be a box for you to enter your username and password
  • 2. Once you are logged in, you will see a link on the left hand side of the home page called “Submit An Event”. Click on this link
  • 3. This opens the form. First thing is to give your ride a title. Remember this is what people will see first on the calendar, so try to summarise where you are going and what the ride is like.
  • 4. Next you choose a Category; that is easy because there is only one category available: “Cycle Rides” (in the future we may introduce new categories)
  • 5. If you wish, you can add an image. This might make your ride seem a bit more interesting but it isn’t essential. You can add an image from your own library or from elsewhere (google images etc). To be strictly legal, I should advise you to be aware of any copyright and trademarking issues. If you don’t have an image, don’t worry.
  • 6. Next you should set the start date and time and the finish date and time. Click on the box and a panel appears with sliders so you can amend.
  • 7. Now you should add a short description. This is just one sentence to explain the route. It is what the admins see when they go to approve it so a little more detail is useful here. However you are restricted to 100 characters so you need to be brief.
  • 8. On the Long Description you can write up all that you want to tell. Feel free to write what you like here, but it will be best if you can give details like distance, what sort of ride (off road, on road etc), what sort of bike is advised (road, hybrid, mountain), how hilly the ride is, what sort of speed we might be riding etc. Remember that if you write that we will be trundling along at a gentle pace, don’t be surprised if people come on the ride not expecting or equipped for a heads down 20 mph average.
  • 9. Next give the address of the start of the ride. Quite an important detail that one..
  • 10. Then you have an opportunity to give people a contact if they want to ask any questions. It is not compulsory, and remember that any details you give will be published on the internet. But it can be useful for people to have that information.
  • 11. You now have the opportunity to attach a map or GMX file etc which some people may find worthwhile
  • 12. Registration off/on. Keep this option set at “On”, which will allow people to register on the ride
  • 13. No of tickets will allow you to limit the number of people on the ride. If you leave this blank, the numbers are unlimited.
  • 14. Finally, tick the box at the bottom to accept the normal terms and conditions. This will submit the ride to the admin team
  • .
Once the ride is submitted you cannot edit or amend. Only the admins can do this. Of course, we will be happy to make any amendments, but it’s better to make sure you have all the right details in the first place.

Finally if you submit a ride you should be sure that you can be on the ride. Obviously circumstances can change and unforeseen situations can arise. But please don’t submit a ride unless you are intending to do the ride yourself.

And finally, finally: do not be afraid of the form. Just give it your best shot. If anything goes wrong we will be able to correct it easily enough. The group is only as good as its rides.
Good luck and happy riding!
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