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TOPIC: Ice road bikers

Ice road bikers 1 week 3 days ago #4200

Hellifield railway station cafe is one of the more quirky cafes that we've previously visited and it did come pretty close to being awarded Pozzles Cafe of the year award for some amazing ginger gateaux but today's ride was an exercise in tenacity as we carefully picked our way along a rather icy cycle route that follows the path off the A59 past Clitheroe and on to Sawley in the company of riders from Blackburn CTC. I'm curious as to what they hold in those rather bulky looking saddle bags they all seemed to have fitted.
The Copy Nook is a sad looking pub these days and it was near there that the CTC and the Bus Stops parted company.
Thankfully the station cafe was open at Hellifield but the lavish cakes were sidelined in favour of hot sarnies.
Heading back westward the low bright sun proved tricky but looking northward I did catch some impressive views of some snow capped Yorkshire Dales.
Thank you for the team effort as we dealt (I thought rather efficiently) with a thorn related puncture at Waddington. But things were to get far more exciting for Andrea and myself as we competed for the "Spectacular Fall/Slide Award" on the next leg heading towards Whalley.
I'm not sure who won't but I've used up a tube of antiseptic cream on grazes to elbow and right buttock. Ow!! :S Gonna be limping tomorrow!
Anyway, thanks to Stephen for the organisation, good to see GazWid in the saddle, Wally for helping out with the technical stuff and Andrea for the spectacular competition :lol:
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Ice road bikers 1 week 3 days ago #4201

Great day out, thank you Steven for putting on the ride enabling me to get in my first ride of the new year, one or two squeaky bum moments and almost blinded by the low winter sun on the way back couldn’t dampen my enjoyment, not to mention our very own Torvil and Dean performing their own interpretation of Bolero on bikes
Punctures? What a let down
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Ice road bikers 1 week 2 days ago #4202

Pozzle may be interested in this article on the saddlebag. www.classiclightweights.co.uk/components...dice-components.html
Originated and still made in Nelson, makes me wonder if they should be compulsory.
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Ice road bikers 6 days 6 hours ago #4203

......and a pretty in depth article relating to Carradice Saddlebags of Nelson. East Lancashire is an area with a rich history in smaller scale bicycle related production.
I've very recently become aware of Hill Cycles, a well respected manufacturer operating from Padiham in the late 1940's early 50's.
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