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TOPIC: Banks, bytes and bikes

Banks, bytes and bikes 1 month 1 week ago #4220

Report from the Urban Transport Group ......
"The traditional view is that the number one transport priority for business is for large infrastructure schemes which enable goods and services to move as rapidly and freely as possible around the country. There is no doubt that for some sectors of the economy this continues to be a key goal. However, our economy is changing. The traditional city centre based financial and legal service sectors are now being joined by a growing, and increasingly important, ‘flat white economy’ (communications, media, information) which prefers creative urban enclaves with good public transport and active travel access over bland, dispersed car based locations. The new
media entrepreneur of 2018 can be as proud of his bicycle as the industrialist of 1988 was of his Rolls".

If you're feeling seriously bored you can check out the "Banks, Bytes and Bikes" pdf report at
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Banks, bytes and bikes 1 month 1 week ago #4222

I had a quick run through of the report and it actually raises some good points. Certainly relying on cars alone will not allow cities to regenerate as congestion, parking, pollution, safety all get worse. But people nowadays tend to be much more mobile. When I was younger people generally lived, worked, socialised, shopped and had their children educated in the same town, even the same neighbourhood. If that lifestyle is returning in London, New York, LA etc then fine, but I don't see much evidence in Blackburn. A new industrial park is built in Blackburn and is labelled a major jobs boost for the area and immediately the roads to and from Chorley, Rossendale, Ribble Valley etc are a bit more congested!
Interesting I heard a report that the Canary Wharf development which is now the major financial centre in Europe (and in my youth was a right grotty and unpleasant part of London) only really got regenerated when the Docklands Light Railway opened. Before that the transport infrastructure absolutely could no cope. Since then there has been a Jubilee line extension and a CrossRail to come to develop the infrastructure even more.
Meantime we still have the Pacer trains to carry us around the Northern Powerhouse.
I am the voice of humility.... and don't you forget it!!
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