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The Bus Stop Bikers Cycling Group was created to provide recreational cycling for all cyclists, our members ranging in age from the teenagers to well into the seventies and beyond.

We welcome any cyclist seeking recreational cycling in a social and friendly environment.

With rides in the evenings through the week, and rides at the week end, there is no excuse why you can’t get on that seat and pedal. Whether it be an antique or carbon racer, electric or tandem, fat or slim, come and give us a go, and the best bit is – it doesn’t cost a thing. Its a win win situation.

About Us

The Bus Stop Bikers Cycling Group, also known as “The All New Bus Stop Bikers”, is an Informal Recreational Cycling Group catering for beginners to experienced Cyclists. It replaces the Official Bus Stop Bikers Cycling Group which has become inactive. We hold regular rides in Lancashire. There is no membership fee and no rule book. The Group was originally formed in 2013 to meet the needs of budding cyclists in the Lancashire area. The types of rides offered reflect the availability of members to put rides on and we would welcome offers to host rides of any type in the future. We are currently not doing any mountain bike rides or rides for children. Equally suggestions for routes or destinations are welcome. The Bus Stop of the title is situated in Roe Lee, Blackburn, the original start point for rides. However we now mostly begin rides in Billington, Feniscowles or Chorley, whilst occasionally using other venues. Again suggestions for starting points for rides are always welcome.

The key mantra of the group has always been that nobody will be left behind and this remains true today. Riding in a group is always more fun than riding alone, so please feel free to give us a try. We welcome electric bikes. We have been advertising our rides on the Let’s Ride website for some time and will try and keep this up to reach as many cyclists as possible.

Our Favourite place to ride is the Ribble Valley and Forest of Bowland. We are however well situated for rides to the Fylde Peninsular, Southport, Liverpool and Greater Manchester. We often foray into Yorkshire. We try and offer evening and weekend rides. Currently evening rides tend to be up to about 20 miles and weekends, usually Sundays, 40-70 miles. We are happy to take part in Sportive rides as a group. The pace of the ride is largely determined by the participants on the day and, of course, we never leave anybody behind.


Join any of our group rides and if you are not sure of it’s suitability to your ability JUST ASK.

Our organisers are all volunteers and do it for the love of it. we welcome interest in becoming an organiser and helping to strengthen our group.

Stephen Hilton

I am a retired family doctor from Chorley. I have been cycling for 63 years (Honestly! - well with a few breaks). Before that I had a pedal car. I passed my national cycling proficiency test in 1963 and have never looked back. I also build custom steel bicycle frames, repair and service friend's bicycles and perform a bit of bike fitting on the side. I am a member of Cycling UK (formerly the Cycle Touring Club) and have attended a Cycling UK Ride Leaders course..

Jim Curtis

50 years experience of cycling including touring throughout UK and Europe. I am an every day cycle commuter and so I am familiar with all the Lancashire weather and many of the potholes around the county. Mostly I prefer the quieter back lanes and byways for cycling. Passionate about encouraging everybody to cycle, no matter what your age or fitness or the snazziness of your bike. Lover of cups of tea and sticky buns.

Andrés Mederos

British Cycling trained ride leader. My family are from Tenerife in the Canary Islands and moved to sunny Blackburn in the 60’s. I turned to cycling to try and reverse my diabetes and have never looked back since. We hope you wish to join us on some of our rides, so please feel free to join the group if this is of interest. We hope to meet many of you soon and share our passion for cycling, toasted tea cakes and good coffee/ tea.

Life is Like Riding a Bicycle