Leaders Insurance

Our Organisers / Ride leaders, are covered by our Cycling UK insurance policy against claims against them during organised rides, a hopefully unlikely occurrence. The insurance cover dictates riders must be over 18. The exception is a person between the age of 16 and 18 who is living as an independent adult. We of course recognise that cyclists under the age of 18 will be capable of joining our rides. Riders between 13 and 17 years will require a parental signature unless accompanied by a responsible adult. In theory children under the age of 13 could participate if accompanied by a parent or responsible adult (but parental signature would still be required). Currently, however, we do not offer rides likely to be suitable for very young children. Forms for completion are available from info@bustopbikers.co.uk on request, or on the day of the ride.

Whilst you can join a ride without registering as a member of the group, our insurance policy states you can only do this 3 (three) times. Also it is not possible to register for rides on the Bus Stop Bikers Website if you are not registered as a member, so you would have to register on the “Let’s Ride” website if the ride appears on it.

If you would like to join the organising team please speak to, or message, one of the current organisers. Duties simply involve selecting and leading rides and answering website queries. We are though happy for any member to offer a ride through our website following checking by one of the organisers. This is done by uploading your route and descriptive details and then Emailing your suggestions for dates and times to us.

Individual Insurance for riders to protect themselves is available at a reduced rate to group members. You will need to provide a group code, available from us, to avail yourself of this. The insurance is a cut down version of Cycling UK’s full Individual Insurance: https://shop.cyclinguk.org/membership/affiliate-membership-myself. We would always recommend insurance for all cyclists, either separately or as part of membership of Cycling UK, British Cycling or from a commercial insurer.