Waddington Fell and Downham

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 36.00 miles
  • Time 3 h 36 min
  • Speed 10 mph
  • Min altitude 135 ft
  • Peak 1,152 ft
  • Ascend 3,081 ft
  • Descent 3,104 ft

Categories: Hybrid (road tyres) Road

Difficulty Grade: Advanced
Route Type: Cycling

Start atĀ Billington War Memorial. BB7 9JA. Adjacent parking is available outside St.Augustines High School, Elker Lane, BB7 9JA, at Weekends and during School holidays.
The route is via Whalley, then North to Great Mitton and Waddington to climb over Waddington fell. It then turns east before Newton to Easington, with some more climbing around Easington Fell descending into Holden. From here it goes to Sawley, Chatburn, Downham, Chatburn again, West Bradford and Clitheroe before returning to Whalley and Billington via Pendleton.
Early part of the route is hilly with the major climb of Waddington Fell

total distance is 36 miles

1. Start

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: Billington War Memorial BB7 9JA

2. End

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: Billington War Memorial BB7 9JA